Our priority project, now known as the Shotley Peninsula Green Way (a “community path”) is to create a new, largely traffic-free, path from Ipswich down to Shotley Gate, suitable for cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users. In due course we also want to create a link from this path southwards into Holbrook and Alton Water.

In 2011 we raised enough money to commission Suffolk County Council to carry out a feasability study into this project. We received generous grants from virtually all the Parish Councils along the route, and several other local organisations (see list below). We published the study for discussion and consultation later that year. It contained a draft route for the community path, together with phasing, costing and funding proposals.

Proposed Community Path from Ipswich to Shotley Gate (now called the Shotley Peninsula Green Way)

The study’s main proposals are

A new, largely traffic-free, community path from the edge of Ipswich down to Shotley Gate

Preferred route but with alternative routes over several sections

About 7.5 miles on new surfaced cycle/footpath

The route comprises a mix of new path, bridleways, upgraded existing paths and a few on-road sections where no alternative exists

The full report, with maps, can be viewed on the link below. The Appendix B shows the work schedule.

Proposed Community Path from Ipswich to Shotley Gate

Appendix B work schedule for the above document. (xls format)

Appendix B work schedule for the above document. (pdf format)

Maps for the individual sections can also be viewed using the links below:-

A1-1 Ipswich – Freston, A1-2 Freston – Woolverstone, A1-3 Woolverstone – Chelmondiston,

A1-4 Woolverstone (alternative route), A1-5 Chelmondiston, A1-6 Chelmondiston – Shotley (Street) ,

A1-7 Chelmondiston – Arwarton (alternative route), A1-8 Shotley (Street), A1-9 Shotley (Gate)

These are best viewed using Adobe Acrobat if possible.

Since publishing this feasibility study and draft route in 2011, and following consultations and discussions, it has become apparent that some changes will be needed. This will normally be to secure landowner agreement or address conservation issues. We will be working out the detailed, final, route as we deal with each section of the path in turn and after securing agreement from the affected landowners.

Initially we are concentrating on the Bourne Bridge to Freston Boot and the Shotley Street to Shotley Gate (foot ferry) sections. As each section is progressed there will be further public consultation which will, in most instances, include the submission of a planning application. However if you wish to know what the latest thinking is on the proposed alignment of any section of the path, then do contact a member of our committee (see “About Us“)

A pictorial view of the proposed route for the path between Erwarton Walk and Shotley Gate can be viewed via Flickr using the links below. Please use the “show info” link on Flickr to get description and information on “map points”.

Erwarton Walk to Shotley Gate section

Bourne Bridge to Freston section

Some photos of this initial proposed route are also available on Flickr using the icon link below.


In order to collect the information we need about the demand for a safe cycle path network on the Shotley Peninsula we conducted 8 days of traffic and cycle surveys on the B1456 in August and September 2011. These included a count of those cycling along this road as well as all the different types of vehicles using it. These survey results and conclusions can be seen on the links below. The SPCC Committee would like to thank all those (over 20) who volunteered to help out with these surveys.

Traffic Survey Summer 2011 (.xls version)

Traffic Survey Summer 2011 (pdf version)

Traffic Survey Conclusions

Please e-mail for any issues in viewing these files.

Also in 2011 we completed a cycling habit survey by asking people to complete a questionnaire. A total of 309 completed questionnaires were returned, 215 from the general public and 94 from Holbrook High School students

These results have now been collected and analysed and they are available to view in the pdf document below.

Cycle survey questionnaire results 2011


Armed with these survey results we have also commissioned Sustrans, the country’s leading cycling charity, to prepare a report estimating how much annual cycling there is on the B.1456 (2011) and how much this is likely to increase following the introduction of our planned traffic-free community path. Based on similar case studies from other parts of the country Sustrans’ conclusion is that the amount of cycling along the B.1456 corridor is likely to double following the construction of this new path. The full report can be viewed here.

Sustrans Report – January 2012

Full list of grant providers:

Babergh District Council; Babergh East Local Strategic Partnership;

County Councillor David Wood; East of England Co-operative Society

Ipswich High School for Girls

The Parish Councils of Chelmondiston, Freston, Holbrook, Shotley, Woolverstone Suffolk Foundation (Greenest County Fund)

We are also working on an alternative route “The Southern Route”

and information on Freston Hill can be found here “Freston Hill”