Membership & Contacts



Chair: Cathy Crouch


Vice-chair: Position Vacant


Secretary: Mike Crouch


Membership: Denise Tinker


Treasurer: Sally Williams


Website (updates or issues): Gerald Gora

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Benefits Of Membership

Membership is open to individuals, households and organisations and since the July 2017 AGM is now at NIL cost.

Every new member adds strength and weight to the campaign by showing the level of support for the campaign in the community. The success of the campaign is partly dependent on demonstrating demand and support for the route.

Each new member is therefore much valued. We ask for members’ active support in recruiting new members and putting interested people in touch with the campaign.

Members will be kept informed of our progress electronically by newsletters and public meetings including an AGM

How to apply

To become a member (or renew your membership) and to comply with the new GDPR laws please fill in the form above.

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