As a local committee, we’re dedicated to ensuring a safer future of travel on our peninsula

Our Mission

The Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign was set up in 2010 to improve and increase the amount of cycling on the Shotley peninsula by making it easier and safer. Our priority is to create a safe off-road community path for cyclists, walkers, and wheelchair users between the Shotley Peninsula and Ipswich, and linking the villages on the peninsula. It should be attractive to those commuting into Ipswich, those travelling out to the peninsula to enjoy local beauty spots and to local school pupils alike. Walkers, wheelchair users and cyclists would all be encouraged to use the path, which would offer a healthier and greener alternative to the car and help relieve congested local roads. Initial signs of interest have been very encouraging and there is enthusiastic local support for this project, both from the many individuals and families who have joined the campaign, now well over 200, and also from the local schools which have aligned themselves with us.

Our Vision

This is an ambitious project which we are planning to tackle in stages;The first stage is the main “spine” of the network which will run largely along the route of the B1456 between Shotley Gate and Bourne Bridge on the edge of Ipswich. In order to accomplish this first step we have been very grateful to receive funding from a variety of sources, including our local County Councillor, the Suffolk Foundation, Babergh District Council and several peninsula Parish Councils.A full list of the grant-providers can be found on the News and Projects page. This funding has been used to commission a draft study from Suffolk County Council which proposes a preferred route for the path along the B1456 corridor. Whilst we will continue to concentrate our efforts on the creation of this new community path, we will also be organising local events aimed at raising the Campaign’s profile and encouraging more people to get around the peninsula on their bikes. This will include working with local schools.


By joining the SPCC membership list you will be helping us to become a stronger voice. With numbers behind us we have a greater chance of pushing through positive changes to the travel infrastructure on the peninsula.

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