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Chelmondiston CEVC Primary School

Heyo! Today we’re making convo on SAFE BIKING!!! Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking, “We already know how to cycle safely.” But, like most people, you probably don’t know as well as you think, and the thought of going out to ride on the road petrifies you. Don’t worry! It used to be the same for us. By reading our experiences, you’re sure to shake off the shivers. Anyways…


What is Bikeability? Basically, it starts with a simple ABC Check (Air, Brakes, Chain). Oh for goodness sake! You never understand anything! Let us dumb it down for you. A = make sure your wheels are all pumped up, B = move your bike forwards and push your brakes in order to test them. C = check your chains!!! Hope you found this helpful.

See you next time! 

From your pals,


Hey dudes and dudettes, 

I am here to tell you about ‘BIKE-ISH’ (Bike language) LOL. Recently, Years 5 and 6 have been doing Bikeability. It’s where you learn how to ride a bike safely. There are two stages and thankfully, everyone passed. But I know what you’re thinking… SOOO EASY! IT’S NOT! Believe me. My Stop U-Turn was terrible at first, but after about the 50,000th time, I got it. I really wanted to shout as loud as I could to celebrate, but I didn’t because if I had, I would have also wanted to wave my arms in the air and then I would probably have just fallen off my bike and got squashed like the pancake I have for breakfast.

That brings me on on to the Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign. This campaign has been going for quite some time now and we all need to get behind it because I think it will bring a huge change to schools and how many people can cycle safely in our local area.

SPCC : Cycling Stuff.

Hi guys, today we’re going to talk about cycling and a little bit about SPCC – Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign .

The car drivers these days can be reckless around cyclists, so there is reason to be wary around cars while riding a bike. Indeed, you may feel intimidated by motorists when cycling, so you may not go cycling that often. In fact, you may not go cycling at all (in which case – get on ya’ bike). I, however, love cycling and after doing my Bikeability I have realised how dangerous cycling on the road can be (especially if you’re allergic to being squashed). Something you might want to know is that there is a campaign for a cycling route from Shotley Gate to the Orwell Bridge, which will heavily improve matters 🙂 .

I personally think that this route is a great idea and although it may take years to build, the impact it will have on the next generation will be cycle-strophic…really bad pun.

PS: If you don’t have a bike, buy one .

PPS: Get that puncture fixed, its no excuse.

Hi guys, today I’ll be talking about Bikeability. Ya, ya you probably think you already know what it is and how to do it but you’ll be surprised. {Trust me- it’s hard.} Anyway Bikeability is when you learn how to be safe when riding your bike. Now, if you feel intimidated by the road, come on, don’t be afraid to say. I know I feel intimidated. Well, when I did Bikeability it all went away like magic, LIKE MAGIC! All because of Bikeability although it was stressful seeing if you’d passed or not. On the other hand, it’s good exercise and did you know cycling burns 600 calories AN HOUR!!! Oh ya…. 


Hi Guys,

Today I am going to talk to you about being safe whilst riding on the road. The Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign is working hard to get a cycle route built for cyclists so they can ride without being worried whilst riding their bikes.

During these last couple of weeks, my class mates and I (Years 5 and 6) have also been finding out about being safe while riding a bike as we had the opportunity to experience Bikeability. * I think I am AMAZING at riding a bike* Hehe! Do you know what Bikeability actually is? No! Ok! So it’s when experts of cycling (Bikeability instructors) teach you how to take *BIG* risks on the road, while at the same time keeping safe.

You first have to do a A,B,C,D,E,F whoo! I actually mean a A,B,C check. An A,B,C check stands for Air, (not the air that you blow out of your mouths), but air that you put in your tyres. You also have Brakes – that’s the b. You need to check your front and back brake and umm….. oh yes, I almost forgot what the C stood for then. Anyway check your chain to make sure it’s not loose. DON’T PUT YOUR FINGERS ALL OVER THE CHAIN OTHERWISE YOU’LL LOOK LIKE A BRIUSED BANANA! 

Whilst the lesson was going on, our instructors were leveling us… I GOT A LEVEL 2!!! I was very pleased with myself. This blog should help you to get your bike out of the shed and get your bottom on the seat and GO cycling! If you fancy visiting the Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign website to find out more about our local family cycling route, click on the link below. It’s only £5 for a family donation.


Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking to you about Bikeabillity and the Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign. Enjoy!!

Do you ever feel so BORED that you begin to watch the news then realise how dangerous the world can be? Well… recently I realised just how dangerous cycling can be – more dangerous than having too many eggs in your breakfast. Did you know, when you reach Year 5-6, you take a course called Bikeability? In Bikeability, they teach you how to stay safe on the roads (just remember to have your eggs before you go on a ride).

At the beginning, you need to know your a b c. I don’t mean your alphabet, I mean this sort of a.b.c: the air in your wheels (which represents the a). your front brakes and your back brakes (these represent the b) and need to be checked in case you’re about to hit a wall and you don’t want to ruin your beautiful face. Finally you have your chain (this is of course the c), but be careful not to touch it, otherwise you’re caught black handed!!!

Moving on … during Bikeability we were levelled and I got Level 2! I was so happy! Too bad I got sun burnt. I ended up burnt like a jacket potato. Lastly, we learnt about the Shotley Peninsula route – a special route designed for people who don’t feel confident riding on the road. Amazing huh? If you would like to contribute to this cause, their website is and this will help create a route for bikers and families from Shotley all the way down to Ipswich.